The Millennium That Was

The last millennium witnessed a sea change in the character of shipping, of which the salient features are as follows: -

  1. The long battle between the sailors and the cruel sea, gave way to power propulsion. The saga of courage at high sea passed into the annals of history gradually.

  2. The phenomenal advancement made in propulsion systems, starting from simple steam engine to steam turbine, diesel and gas turbine propulsion, even use of nuclear power; ushered a new era in the World of Shipping.

  3. Steel replaced wood as the main material for shipbuilding and the advancement made by technology, resulted in construction of bigger and faster ships, considering safety of personnel and property at sea.

  4. The availability of efficient navigational and communication devices made it all possible for more and more trade routes to open up and shipping was well recognized as a safe and dependable mode of transportation for men and material.

  5. The 20th century’s worst sea disaster occurred when RMS TITANIC sank, the unsinkable ship, which went to Davy Jone’s lockers on her maiden voyage.

  6. United Nations by a charter constituted International Maritime Organization, to regulate on maritime safety and issues of maritime importance, thus improving the quality of life at sea, making ships safer, and avoiding loss of life and property at sea.

  7. Pollution control became a buzzword and laws enacted to preserve the marine life and environment for future generations.

  8. Seafaring, which was considered purely an adventure and perilous profession at the turn of the 19th. Century, emerged as a respectable and safe career by the close of 20th. Century, attracting younger generation in its folds.

About Ourselves

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